From the old to the new...

Our new house has 7 rooms, a hallway, a landing and a garden.  And they're all special in their own way!  Some, like the kitchen from hell and the condemned bathroom, are more special than others, but we think they all deserve their own page.

Use the links on the sub-menu on the right to find out a bit more about each room.  Look at the "before" pictures, wonder how anyone lived in this house less than 12 months ago and read about the changes we're going to make to each of them.

Eventually there might even be some "after" pictures, although right now that feels a long way off...


21/01/07 - Right now, I've only got round to doing pages for the garden and the bathroom, but don't worry (as if!) the rest will appear shortly.

27/01/07 - Master bedroom and kitchen up now.

10/02/07 - It's taken a bit of time, but all the rooms are ready now.  Well when I say ready, I mean in the sense that all the pictures are on the website.  Sadly the house itself hasn't magically become ready in the two weeks!