Built-in alcove cupboards and shelving

The Company


MyBuilder is an online marketplace that brings builders and homeowners together, offering a sophisticated platform that promotes and supports high-quality work.  People can post jobs on the site for free and then builders are able to send messages and quotes to them through the site. Working on a principle of accountability through feedback, tradesmen are rated on their workmanship by those who hire them, making it easier to find high quality builders and for builders to find good quality jobs.

The Work

We had decided that we wanted a pair of fitted contemporary dwarf cabinets to fit the alcoves either side of the chimneybreast in the dining room to look something like this:


We posted our job on MyBuilder on Sunday 25 October 2009 and straight away had contact from a number of builders through the site.  Some builders quoted directly and others requested more information about the job.  In the end we had 15 different builders expressing interest.

One builder stood out though as they had a lot of positive feedback from doing similar alcove cupboards and shelving so we arranged for Bartosz Jodko to come round to discuss the job and firm up his quote.

Bart came round to the house on Saturday 31 October 2009 and we discussed a few more details of how we wanted the cupboards and shelves to look.  Bart's quote was very competitive and he provided a number of photos showing the quality of previous work that he had done so we decided to hire him.

The Results

Bart was busy with existing jobs for the next few weeks, but on Monday 23 November 2009 he arrived at 8am to start work.

By the end of that day he had fitted the base units in both alcoves and also the first shelf on each side.

One thing we noticed about Bart was that he was very tidy, didn't make much mess and made sure all his tooks were put out of the way at the end of the day!

The next day, Tuesday 24 November 2009, Bart was back to carry on with the remaining shelves.  There was a bit of discussion about whether we should have two or three shelves on each side, but after a final call between me at Twickenham train station and Diana back at home, we eventually decided that we should have three.

Bart made good progress that day and fitted all the remaining shelves as well as the oak veneer cabinet top. 

The first coat of paint had also been applied to the left alcove.
The remaining work and painting was all completed on Wednesday 25 November 2009.