Custom made wine rack in fireplace

The Company
Tanglewood Wine is a family-business based in Surrey, specialising in wine storage, wine cabinets, wine racks and cellar air conditioning units.  They offer a comprehensive wine cellar design and installation service.
The Work
During the main refurbishment of the house the original fireplace from the dining room was removed and refitted in the lounge.  This left us with a large empty space where the fireplace used to be. 

One of our tasks for 2009 was to get a custom made wine rack to fit this space.  After much internet research I finally requested a quote from Wild Grapes, a company based in West Sussex, on Sunday 4 January 2009.

However when we got the quote and details back from Wild Grapes we decided that the metal framed wine rack that they offered wasn't quite the look that we wanted.  Instead we found another Surrey-based company called Tanglewood Wine who offer a range of handmade hardwood wine racks.

So on Sunday 25 January 2009 I emailed them for a quote based on one of their hardwood wine storage cubes with a single bottle width wine rack on either side.  This would offer storage for a total of 40 bottles in the rack plus the ability to store bottles upright on top of the storage cube.

The picture below shows an example of one of the storage cubes as well as a single bottle width wine rack to the left.

Plain pine finish

 After some helpful emails and a chat with Paul Trigwell from Tanglewood Wine we placed our order on Wednesday 28 January 2009.  The wine rack should hopefully arrive within 2-3 weeks.

So on Thursday 12 February 2009 the wine rack was delivered.  And it looks great!  There was a slight moment of worry when it looked as though the rack was a couple of millimetres too wide and wouldn't fit in the alcove.  However with a bit of a shove it went in perfectly.

Of course, it looks much better when it's not empty, so we quickly filled it up with a few bottles.