Design of Front and Back Gardens

The Results (continued)

Monday 28 January saw some more work done on the patio in the back garden and a few more tiles were laid.

The patio was completed later that week which meant that work could begin on the decking.  The first few planks were put down on Thursday 31 January.

On Friday 1 February they were able to begin work on shaping the decking into a curve.


The next week work began on the path at the front of the house.  A new concrete base was laid on Tuesday 5 February.  Getting to the front door was a bit more tricky than usual!

After a bit of a false start with the tiling when it wasn't going in quite the right direction, the black and red tiles were soon down and looking very nice.



By this stage the front wall had also been completed and a new gate fitted to it.  The dividing iron railings had also been replaced.

Green Shoots had also made the circular brick planter in the centre of the front garden and started putting down the sandstone aggregate chippings.

The back garden was also looking pretty complete by this stage.  The decking had been completed, the patio finished and all the fence panels replaced.
A few days later and Green Shoot's work on both the front and the back gardens had been completed..  These photos were taken on Sunday 17 February.



All that was needed now was for Diana and I to plant a few flowers and shrubs.  And to buy that shed...  It took a few weeks but eventually we took a trip to the local garden centre Squires with my parents who kindly bought us a plant for the front garden which Diana and I planted on Sunday 30 March.