New kitchen and tiling of floor

The Results (continued)

As promised the new oven was delivered on Friday 5 October, but sadly not installed so we still weren't sure whether this one would actually work.  Although the lack of massive dents was a definite improvement on the old oven!

Anyway, for the time being it's still in its packaging.

There was some progress on that Friday though, as Ideal Stone came round in the afternoon to fit the granite worksurfaces in the kitchen.  It took a couple of hours for them to complete the job, but by the end it was looking really good.

As you can see above we still need to buy a tap for the sink, while in the picture below, the gas hob still needs to be fitted.

We didn't have long to wait for the hob though as Wally came back the next week and fitted it on Thursday 11 October.

That's a serious burner in the centre, we'll definitely have to cook up a decent stir fry on that.  Although sadly, I think the first thing that we used the hob for was to heat up some baked beans...