New kitchen and tiling of floor

The Work

The kitchen has been a bit of a saga.  We knew from the start what we wanted the kitchen to look like and had a go at a basic design on the Magnet website. 

We then went to the Magnet showroom in Egham back in February and got them to come up with some slighlty more accurate designs and a quote.

As work on the kitchen extension hadn't even started back in February we didn't go ahead with the order from Magnet, but left it for a few months.

With work progressing well on the extension we returned to Magnet in May and amended the design slightly.  We also put a deposit down to guarantee the sale prices.  And yes, we do realise Magnet have a sale every other month!

Anyway, with the budget on the rest of the house creeping higher and higher, we needed to cut costs somewhere and the kitchen represented the biggest remaining expense.  Anthony had done some work for his brother and sister-in-law on their new house and knew that they'd had a made to measure kitchen fitted by 3D Joinery, a Chiswick-based joinery company, for a much cheaper price than Magnet had quoted. 

So one evening after work, we made the (very) long trip to Chesham to go and have a look at Anthony's brother's kitchen.  We actually didn't like the style of the kitchen, but could see that the build quality was very good and we were also very keen on having a made-to-measure kitchen. 

Diana made a trip to 3D's workshop in Chiswick and was impressed with what she saw.  They even made a couple of sample doors in the oak finish that we wanted and these also looked good.

3D then went about designing the kitchen and after a couple of minor changes, we ended up with the designs below.

Luckily we also managed to get our deposit back from Magnet and on Wednesday 25 July we placed our order with 3D Joinery. 

The Results

Anthony started work on the tiling of the floor on Monday 20 August 2007.  By the end of the first day this is how it looked.

 More progress was made on Tuesday 21 August 2007.


More tiles were laid on Wednesday 22 August and the tiling is now almost complete.

The tiling was finished by Wednesday 29 August.

This meant that 3D Joinery could start installing the kitchen on Thursday 30 August 2007.  Here's the progress they had made by the end of the first day.  Most of the cupboard carcasses had been fitted.

By the end of the next day, Friday 31 August, the kitchen units had been fully fitted and all the doors attached.  Now all we needed was a work surface and some kitchen appliances to fill all those gaps!

Luckily the microwave and the double oven had already been delivered as 3D Joinery needed to have these items at their workshop while they made the kitchen so that the two appliances would fit perfectly in the units.

Unfortunately Diana noticed that there was a massive dent in the back of the oven.  Clearly it had been dropped or bashed at some point.  However, as the oven had been from shop to the house and then on to 3D, there was no way of knowing when or where or by whom it had been damaged. 

However, everyone apart from Diana and myself seemed convinced that the damage was just superficial and there would be no problem with the oven once it was installed and wired up.

So the oven was installed on Monday 3 September.  And I have to say that both the oven and the microwave fit into the units perfectly.

It may look good, but unfortunately it doesn't work!  Yes, despite the "experts" being convinced that having clearly had a serious battering at some point it would still work, it didn't.  As I write this on Thursday 4 October, we are still battling to get a replacement oven delivered.  Well, I say "we", but Diana has been the driving force in trying to get Neff or Molesey Refrigeration or anyone to give us a new oven!  I have every faith that she'll succeed as well!

The latest photos from Thursday 4 October show how the kitchen has progressed in the last month.  While we still haven't had the work surface fitted, that will be done shortly.  The rest of the kitchen still looks pretty good.  Especially the funky red stools at the breakfast bar!

The infamous oven has been taken out and is ready to (hopefully) be taken away tomorrow and replaced with a brand new working version!

The giant American-style fridge-freezer has been fitted (although we haven't completely unwrapped it yet) and is currently mostly full of beer and champagne!  Well, everyone keeps bringing a bottle when they come to see the house!  No pressure if you're yet to visit! ;-)

The hob has been delivered (it's in that box!) and is ready to be installed once the work surface has been fitted.  Hopefully that should be sometime in the next week.