Flooring, insulation and access to loft

The Work

Although we decided against a loft extension from the start (definitely no room in the budget for that!), we did want the loft space to be usable for storage, so we're going to get it floored, lit and a loft-ladder fitted.  There was an existing loft hatch, however this was very small and not in an easily accessible position so when the ceilings came down we had the loft access moved and enlarged.

The Results

The access to the loft was moved and enlarged during the early part of the work, however the ladder and hatch had yet to be fitted.  When we went round on the morning of Saturday 18 August, Anthony was in the middle of fitting the hatch.  By the time we returned in the afternoon it had been fitted.  It hasn't been painted yet, but at least it works as you can see below.