Lighting and electrical sockets

The Work

The original rewiring work was done back in March and April, but now that the end of the work is getting closer, Johnny the electrician has come back to do the second fix and actually fit the sockets, light switches and lights.

The Results

Work started on Tuesday 7 August and by the end of the first day all the plug sockets and light switches had been fitted throughout the house.  Like those shown below.

The holes have also been drilled for the downlights on the ground floor and the housing of the downlights wired up.

The next day, Wednesday 8 August, the trim was fitted to the downlights.  Two smoke alarms have also been fitted, one downstairs in the hallway and one on the upstairs landing.


We'd also chosen some lights from John Lewis for the 3 bedrooms which Johnny has now fitted.  Here's the one for the Study.

Bedroom 2


Main Bedroom

On Thursday 9 August a new fusebox had been fitted under the stairs.

In the kitchen the spotlights have been fitted on the wall above the extension.  Not quite sure why they're pointing upwards though...


There was almost a "major" crisis on Monday 20 August when Diana realised that the shades hadn't been fitted to the light fixture in Bedroom 2.  Luckily Anthony found them on Tuesday 21 August and fitted them the same day.  The light looks much nicer now!

We also had an LED light fitted on the upstairs landing.  At first glance perhaps pointless, but it looks nice and is also very helpful for navigating the landing at night...