What has happened so far?  More importantly, when will we actually move in?




27 October 2006

Got sent details of house


Diana received a text from the estate agent with details of the house.  Well, just the address and the fact that it needed "complete modernisation".  They weren't joking!  We were going to a wedding in Ipswich that weekend so couldn't go and see it that day.


29 October 2006

Saw house for first time


Ok, so it was only from the outside, but that was our first sight of the house.  Also, while we were driving down the road looking for the right number, we bumped into an old school friend of mine who I hadn't seen in years.  Turns out he lives on the same road as our new house and has done for a couple of years.  He even goes to the same gym as us, but strangely enough we've never seen each other in there.  That just goes to show how often I go!!  Membership expires on 22 Jan, can't wait!  What a waste of £85 a month!  If anyone is seriously considering joining the gym at the moment (New Year's Resolutions and all that), all I can say is don't! 


30 October 2006

First viewing


It was dark and windy, it was the night before Halloween, there was no electricity in the house and we had to look round with a massive torch.  Diana was too scared to go in there on her own and the kitchen looked a bit like something from the set of the film Saw!  But hey, it was enough to convince us to have a second viewing in the daylight!


4 November 2006

Second viewing


I think it actually looked even worse in the daylight.  But what we kept telling ourselves was "Potential"!  Just look at the potential...


5 November 2006

Spurs beat Chelsea in the league


Nothing to do with the house, but Spurs beat Chelsea in the league for the first time since 1990.  And I was there and it was awesome!  COYS!


6 November 2006

Made offer


We officially made our offer.  And then a couple of days later we upped it.  And then the week after we upped it again as it was pretty much going to sealed bids.  And in the end we just said "sod it, let's offer the asking price!"


14 November 2006

Offer accepted


While we were driving back to London after spending a couple of days in Bath, we got the news we had been waiting for.  Our offer had been accepted!  We later found out that there had been 14 different offers on the house, including 4 at asking price.


18 November 2006

Contracts exchanged


The vendor wanted a super fast sale, so we got our survey done and the solicitor made sure all the searches were completed and we were ready to exchange by 14 November, in line with the vendor's demands.  But then the vendor hadn't signed all his forms - idiot!  So we actually exchanged on Monday 18 November 2006.


 3 January 2007



Yes, that bit was "easy".  Just had to hand over the cash!


 January 2007



Diana met with a nice lady from Architect Your Home called Charlotte on Thursday 4 January.  She's going to draw up some plans for a few ideas and then we can get cracking with planning permission, building regulations and whatever else we need!


 January 2007



We actually got a couple of quotes done in December when we thought we might be able to knock the price down.  Didn't work out, but at least the quotes still came in useful.  This month we need to get a lot more quotes in - kitchen extension, new kitchen, new bathroom, replacement windows, bit of guttering work, multi-room home entertainment system (shhh, don't tell Diana!)


March 2007

 Building starts


Work on the main refurbishment began on Monday 5 March 2007.  The first two weeks were spent ripping down loose plaster, which was essentially almost every wall and ceiling!  The chimney breast in the kitchen and bedroom 3 was also removed during this time.


March 2007



Re-wiring of the property began on Wednesday 28 March.


April 2007




The first fix of the CAT5 cables and the speaker cables began on Wednesday 4 April.


April 2007


Kitchen extension

The start date for the work on the kitchen has been brought forward.  Originally it was going to be mid to late May, but hopefully now this should start mid-April.


April 2007



The installation of central heating and work on the plumbing is due to start on Friday 13 April.  Unlucky for some...


April 2007


Windows fitted

The new sash windows are due to be fitted on 23 - 25 April.

22 August 2007



Carpet was fitted in the three bedrooms by Carpet House.


 24 August 2007

 Move boxes


My parents came up and helped us move most of the boxes across from Diana's flat to the new house.   



25 August 2007


Move furniture and officially move in!


We had some help from Vanandman.com and moved all the furniture from Diana's flat to the new house.  There's still some of my furniture in storage, but that can wait for another day.  The top half of the house is pretty much finished, but there is still a bit of work to do on the ground floor.  So for the time being we won't have a kitchen.  Oh well, guess we'll be eating out for a while!


30 August 2007



3D Joinery began the fitting of the new kitchen and had finished installing all of the units by the end of Friday 31 August.


9 January 2008



Green Shoots begin work on the front and back garden.


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