Fitting of cloakroom in under stair space

The Work

There was just one bathroom in the house when we bought it, so we thought it would be useful to fit a cloakroom in the space under the stairs.  This was just previously being used as cupboard space.

The existing woodwork was pulled down and the gas meter that was originally in the cupboard had to be moved to the front of the house on the exterior wall.

By 1 July 2007, the new framework of the bathroom had been fitted so we could begin to see the space taking shape.

The pipework for the sink was fitted on Wednesday 18 July.

And the sink itself was fitted the following day, Thursday 19 July.  Good to see the spirit-level in action to make sure it's perfectly level!

On Monday 23 July the floor tiles were fitted.  They're a bit grubby now, but should look good once it's all cleaned up.

The next day, Tuesday 24 July, the base of the toilet was fitted.  And a bit of skirting board.

By Wednesday 15 August, the toilet was fully installed and the walls of the cloakroom had been painted.