The exterior of the house

The Work

It's not just everything on the inside of the house that needs work doing to it, the outside is going to have a bit of an overhaul as well.  The brickwork needs re-pointing, the front porch needs complete repair and the exterior masonry and woodwork will need a lick of paint.

Some of the re-pointing at the back of the house has been done during the last couple of weeks, but on about Wednesday 13 June 2007 work started on the brickwork above the kitchen extension.  This needs to be done before the roof is put on the extension as access will then become a difficulty.

Here you can see the patch on the side wall that has been done as at Friday 15 June 2007.  It makes a big contrast to the brickwork that hasn't yet been repointed.

Here's another patch of the back wall that has also been done.

The wet weather in June didn't help things (almost considered getting the builders to build an ark instead of carrying on with the house!) but by the time we went round on Saturday 30 June 2007, the pointing on the two walls had been completed.  As you can see below...

Once the kitchen extension roof had been completed, work was done on the pointing of the rear wall of the house.  The photos below were taken on Sunday 15 July 2007 and show that all of the pointing has been completed and the lintel above the rear bedroom window has also been replaced.

The keen-eyed visitor to the site might have noticed that the lintel above the bedroom window is now straight, whereas previously it used to be arched.  This is due to new building regulations that state that if you replace an old arched lintel, the new one has to be straight.  I guess this provides more support than an arched lintel.