Replacement Sash Windows

The Company

After getting 4 very expensive quotes for the windows, we were resigned to probably having to go over our budget on the windows, but then Diana found I Foster & Sons Ltd.  They a small specialist joinery company estabilished in 1987 based in Romford specialising in the manufacture and installation of timber windows, doors, porches and conservatories.  Importantly they are Fensa approved.

The Work

All the windows in the house were in terrible condition and although a couple of companies suggested that it would be possible to repair some of the original boxes, the price difference wasn't that great and so we decided to go for a full replacement.  The windows to be replaced were the the two bays at the front of the house for the lounge and the main bedroom, as well as the single sash windows in bedrooms two and three.  In addition to these sash windows, we also needed to replace the small casement window in the main bedroom and the bathroom window.  As the bathroom window was quite small, we also decided to lengthen this window.

The box sash windows were to have Georgian bars to the tops sashes.  The joinery was to be made in hardwood and double glazed to building regulations document "L" and FENSA certificated.

The Results

Two fitters from I Foster turned up at the house on Monday 23 April 2007.  The work was originally estimated to take three days, but they managed to get it done in two.  I think must have been spurred on by the fact that they wouldn't have to do another commute all the way from Essex to Twickenham if they got it finished on the second day!

Diana and I went round to the house on the Monday and Tuesday evenings, but it wasn't until the Wednesday 24 April 2007 that I actually remembered to take the camera with me!  Unfortunately by then most of the windows had been covered up on the interior to protect them from dirt and damage, but we still managed to get some good shots from the exterior.

Here's a picture of the main bedroom bay windows and the small casement window to the side.  I'm still not a big fan of the small window, but it definitely looks better than all the other windows on the street.

Here's a picture of the bay window from the interior.

A couple of photos showing the two single sash windows in bedrooms two and three from the exterior.  The lintel above bedroom three still needs a bit of work doing to it.