Kitchen extension into side return

The Work

The largest single aspect of the whole house refurbishment project is the kitchen extension into the side return.  This work is being carried out by MP Developments Ltd and they have estimated that the work should take 8 to 12 weeks depending on the weather.

The work started on Monday 17 April 2007.  MP Developments Ltd are also responsible for the various knock throughs that are needed so the first day was spent knocking the wall down between the lounge and dining room as well as knocking through the window in the dining room.

Work began on the extension on Tuesday 18 April when the foundations were dug.  As the extension progresses I'll be posting photos here.  Hopefully the good weather will continue and the extension will be finished in 8 weeks rather than 12.

Progress as at 21 April 2007

So far the side wall has been knocked down and the trench dug for the foundations.


Progress as at 25 April 2007

As you can, the trench has now been filled with concrete and the walls are starting to take shape.

The old kitchen door has also been taken out as well as the small window next to it.  This gap where the window was will be bricked up, but the door will be replaced with double French doors.

Progress as at 30 April 2007

Kitchen foundations are coming along nicely and the drains have been laid.

Another section of the wall has been knocked down to make space for the French doors.  The lintel has also been put in above the door space.

Progress as at 4 May 2007

The wall is getting taller, the insulation is being put in as well.

Progress as at 10 May 2007

Yes, you've guessed it, the wall is getting taller...

Progress as at 12 May 2007

....and taller...

Progress as at 2 June 2007

There wasn't really much progress to report during the rest of May as the weather was pretty awful.  However a bit more work has now been done on raising up the floor in the kitchen.

Progress as at 7 June 2007

Finally, a bit of an exciting change to the shell of the kitchen.  We have half a door!  The frame has gone in for the French doors and one of the doors has actually been fitted.  I think it looks pretty good.  I'm guessing the other half of the door might go in tomorrow.  I also think I should perhaps have stood a bit to the side when taking the photo below, as now it looks a bit like there's a ghost in the kitchen!

Not sure what this vent is for, but I'm sure it'll be doing something useful...

Progress as at 15 June 2007

Not much progress this week, but the guttering has now been fitted to the extension wall.