Re-plastering of the interior walls and ceilings

The Work

As you can see from the Rip Out page, the loose plaster throughout the property has been ripped down.  The next step was to start fitting new plasterboard ready for replastering. 

Anthony started fitting new plasterboard to the master bedroom on Thursday 5 April 2007.  Despite one of his builders putting his foot through one of the ceiling boards, the photos below show that the rooms are starting to take shape again.

This shows the wall between the master bedroom and bedroom two.

From the top of the stairs you can see that the master bedroom is now fully enclosed in plasterboard.

When these photos were taken on Thursday 7 April 2007, only one section of plasterboard had been fitted in the second bedroom.  The old (leaking) water tank can still be seen up in the loft space.

A bit of a delay since the last update, but by Friday 8 June 2007, all the plasterboard and plastering upstairs has been finished and they've even started doing the undercoat in the bedrooms as the pictures below show.

Bedroom 1 - the paint isn't actually green...

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

By Saturday 30 June 2007, all of the downstairs plasterboard and plastering has now been done.  With the exception of the kitchen extension of course.  A few photos of the dining room area are shown below.  The plastering is still so fresh, you can see it hasn't fully dried out yet.

The fireplace has been taken out of the dining room and moved to the lounge, so we've just had the space in the dining room boxed-in and will possibly put a wine rack in the hole.  I think we could fit a fair number of bottles in that space!

By Friday 13 July 2007 the kitchen extension had been completed and so on Monday 16 July the plastering of the kitchen began.  We went round on the evening of Tuesday 17 July 2007 and already most of the kitchen has been replastered.  Again the plaster was still fresh so it still looks dark. 

The final wall of the kitchen was plastered on Wednesday 18 July 2007 as you can see below.