This is what it's all about

In the spring of 2006, James Maher and Diana Dewar decided to buy a house together.   What we wanted was a nice 3 bedroom house that didn't need much work doing to it.   But that's not exactly what we ended up with...


After many months and dozens of viewings, we were starting to think that we would never find the right house.   Then Diana got sent details of a property not too far from Twickenham station.   The details said it needed a bit of modernisation, but by this stage we were prepared to look at anything.   The estate agent said "there's no electricity, so bring a torch".   It didn't exactly instill us with confidence!


So on Monday 30 October 2006 (yes, the night before Halloween) we turned up at a dark, imposing house, not quite sure what to expect.  The house looked like it was haunted and it certainly smelt like something (or someone!) had died there.  But we could see the potential and so a few months later, on Wednesday 3 January 2007, James and Diana became the owners of a 3 bedroom Victorian terraced property in Twickenham.   Our first house!

The house from the outside

As you can see, the house is a bit of a wreck (well, it is on the inside, just look here!). This website aims to follow our progress as we go about renovating the house and making it habitable