Full re-wire of the house

The Work

The electrical wiring throughout the house was decades old and we therefore needed a complete re-wire.  In addition we wanted down-lighters installed and new electrical sockets put in the rooms.

Diana and I met Anthony at the house on Saturday 24 March and he introduced us to Jonny, the electrician.  Together we went through each room of the house deciding on what type of light fittings to use and where the sockets and switches should be positioned.

The actual re-wiring work began on Wednesday 28 March and the photos below show some of the new wires and switch boxes. 

Once the re-wiring had been done there was a long gap before any further electrical work was done.  Jonny came back to the house in August to work on the final fix.  This included fitting the light fixtures, switches, sockets and the new fuse box.

The results of this can be seen in the Electrics section.

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