Ripping down walls and taking down ceilings

The Work

On Monday 5 March 2007 work started on the main part of the refurbishment project.  The first step was to take down all the loose plaster, which pretty much meant every wall in the house!  And of course the ceilings weren't much better so they all had to be taken down as well.

The photos below show the progress that has been made up to Saturday 17 March 2007.  As you can see, the house really is looking like a shell now.  There are pretty much no internal walls or ceilings left on the first floor!

The Lounge

The plaster has been removed from one wall and that nasty gas fireplace has been removed.  Oh and guess which wall is getting knocked down!


The Kitchen

Now there isn't even a sink in this room.  And the chimney breast has been taken out.  The room already looks so much bigger, so once the extension is built it will be huge!


Bedrooms 1 and 2

The plaster has been removed from the external walls of bedrooms 1 and 2.  The wall between bedrooms 1 and 2 no longer exists.

Bedroom 1 

  Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

The chimney breast has been taken out of the third bedroom.  It now has a nice view down into the kitchen, so watch your step....



The bathroom "suite" has been ripped out and the walls taken down.  There's not much privacy left!



All the ceilings on the first floor were in a shocking condition.  It didn't help that the flat roof at the rear of the house was leaking and a couple of water tanks in the main roof were also cracked and leaking into the second bedroom.  Those water tanks have now been removed and you can now see right up into the roof space. 


The Skip

Yes, this is where all the rubbish has gone.  Not quite sure how they managed to get the skip in the front garden without taking down the wall, but I understand that it wasn't easy!


Next Step

Good progress has been made in the first two weeks and it's great to see the work actually started.  The next step is due to be the rewiring of the house and the electrician is due to start on Monday 26 March 2007.