Where do you start with the bathroom?  Ripping the whole lot out and gutting the room wouldn't be a bad idea!

Another picture of the condemned bathroom.

As you can see, the bathroom is pretty small and everything is squeezed in.  We're going to be extending the bathroom out to the left into the 3rd bedroom to make it about 700mm bigger.  As we're also taking the chimneybreast out of the 3rd bedroom that room will still be a reasonable size.


The bathroom has turned out really well.  Instead of looking like a scary CSI crime scene, it now has a light, modern, luxurious feel to it!

There is a massive sink with a giant tap.  Unfortunately the only taps that Diana and I could actually agree on were John Sydney designer taps which wasn't particulary great for the budgeting process!  They do look good though.

Another nice touch (literally) is that the bathroom cabinet is hidden in the wall behind the mirror.  A gentle push to the bottom right hand of the mirror and it cunningly swings open to reveal the four shelves of beauty products.  They're all Diana's of course!  Well, there might be a few that are mine!  We've also managed to have a shaver socket fitted inside the cabinet.

Obviously we put in a new toilet, but there isn't much to say about that.  Although it does have a nice soft-close lid! 
There's a new bath and shower.  The big showerhead makes it feel a bit like having a shower in a boutique hotel!
I managed to buy the Axor Hansgrohe shower control valve from eBay for a decent price.  One of the few items on the project that that we sourced ourselves rather than using the builder's suppliers.
My favourite aspect about the new bathroom is that it has been connected up to the multi-room music system, so when I wake up in the morning I can stumble along the corridor, select the radio station (or in this case a bit of Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit) on the control panel outside the bathroom...
...and then shower away with music playing through the ceiling speaker.  A great way to wake up in the morning!
The last thing to note about the finished bathroom is that we had underfloor heating installed to avoid those cold tiles in the morning.  The control is just outside the door and has a built in timer so only comes on in the morning and the evening.