If anyone is planning to come and visit once all the work is done, then this is where you'll be sleeping!  Unless a lot of you come and then there's a risk you might be in a sleeping bag on the floor in the lounge!

There are some great old fireplaces in the house.  At first we thought about getting rid of them and just bricking the chimneybreasts up, but that seems like such a waste.  We want to keep some of the original features of the house, so we're going to keep the fireplaces in the master bedroom, the dining room and here in the second bedroom, clean them up and refurb them.  And no, we're not going to keep them green!


Many months later, the bedroom looks more like a room where people might like to stay.  The fireplace has been cleaned up and repainted, the plastering has been redone, carpets put down and walls painted.


Here's the fireplace in all its (non-green) glory...

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