The Gardens. That makes it sound like it rivals Kew Gardens or the Eden Project or something!  Sadly that couldn't be much farther from the truth! We've just got a small front garden and a similar small square of dirt and weeds at the back. There is also a side return at the back, but that's hopefully going to be filled with the kitchen extension.

It's clearly not at the top of the priority list, but it would be nice to eventually have a bit of decking and some paving stones out the back for the many BBQs that will be happening (you're all invited!).  Oh and of course we'll definitely need a shed!

Top 100 signs that you're getting old.  Number 32: you want a shed.  Number 33: you own a shed...

Front Garden

Here's an arty black and white photo of the front garden that Diana took.  That red rose is probably the most beautiful thing about the house at the moment!

Back Garden

A view from Bedroom Three.  They say a picture paints a thousands words.  Surely this one only needs two - dirt and weeds. 

That space on the right is clearly made for a shed!